Simatic S7 error- and statuscodes

Status codesTextnotes and example call functions
0000No error / Instruction executed without errorsgeneral
0001Connection establishedgeneral
0003Connection terminatedgeneral
7000#no job active AND no connection established (REQ=0, DISCONNECT=1)general
7001Start of job processing / Connection establishment triggeredgeneral,
BUSY = 1, DONE = 0.
7002Intermediate call. Connection is being establishedgeneral,
BUSY has the value „1”.
7003Connection is being terminatedgeneral
7004Connection established AND monitored. No job processing active.general
7005data is being sent.general
7006data is being received.general
8x3AInvalid pointer at parameter x.
8070All internal instance memories are in use.
8080The identifier entered for the communications port is invalid.
8081Timeout, module error, internal error.
8082Parameter assignment failed because parameter assignment is currently being performed in the background.
8083Buffer overflow: The CM or CB has returned a receipt message with a length that is greater than permitted by the length parameter.
8085Error specifying the length at the LENGHT parameter. The specified length is „0” or greater than the maximum permitted value.
8085The connection ID (ID parameter) is already in use by a configured connection.TCON
8085 - LEN parameter is greater than the largest allowable value (For S7‑1200: 8192; for S7‑1500 (TCP): 65536; with S7‑1500 (FDL): 240 / 236)
- Parameter DATA and LEN both have the value „0”.
- The value of the LEN or DATA parameter was changed after the first call.
8086The ID parameter is out of range (1 .. 0x0FFF).TCON
8087Maximum number of connections reached, no further connection possible.TCON
8088 - LEN parameter is larger than the range specified in DATA.
- Receive area is too small.
8089The CONNECT parameter does not point to a connection description or the connection description was created manually.TCON
8090Message length invalid, module invalid, message invalid.
8091Incorrect version in parameterization message.
8092Invalid record length in parameterization message.
8092The source or target area is only available in the load memory.BLKMOV
809AThe structure at the CONNECT parameter is not supported on an integrated interface or the length is invalid.TCON
809BThe InterfaceId element within the TCON_xxx structure does not reference a hardware ID of a CPU or CM/CP interface or has the value „0”.TCON
80A1The specified connection or port is already in use.TCON
80A1Communication error:
- The specified connection has not yet been established.
- The specified connection is being terminated. Transmission via this connection is not possible.
- The interface is reinitialized.
80A2Local or remote port is used by the system. The following ports are reserved locally: 20, 21, 80, 102, 135, 161, 162, 443, 34962, 34963, 34964 and the range 49152 to 65535.TCON
80A3ID is used by a connection created by the user program that also uses the same connection description at the CONNECT parameter.TCON
80A3An attempt is being made to terminate a non-existent connection or the connection has already been terminated.TDISCON
80A4IP address of the remote endpoint of the connection is invalid or it matches the IP address of the local partner.TCON
80A4Temporary communication error: The interface is being reconfigured or the connection is being set up.TDISCON
80A7Communication error: You executed „TDISCON” before „TCON” was completed.TCON
80B1You changed the DATA parameter before the current job ended.TSEND
80B3The parameterized protocol variant (parameter ConnectionType in the connection description) is UDP. Please use the „TUSEND” / „TURCV” instruction for a UDP connection.TSEND
80B4Only with TCON_IP_RFC: The local T-Selector was not specified or the first byte does not contain the value 0x0E (only with a length of T-Selector = 2) or the local T-Selector begins with „SIMATIC-”.TCON
80B5With connection type 13 = UDP, only passive connection establishment is permitted (ActiveEstablished parameter of the TCON_IP_v4 / TCON_PARAM structure has the value TRUE).TCON
80B6Parameterization error in the ConnectionType parameter of the data block for the connection description.
- Only valid for TCON_IP_v4: 0x11, 0x0B and 0x13.
- Only valid for TCON_IP_RFC: 0x0C and 0x12
80B7For TCON_IP_v4:
- TCP (active connection establishment): Remote port is „0”.
- TCP (passive connection establishment): Local port is „0”.
- UDP: Local port is „0”.
- Partner endpoint IP address was set to
- Local (LocalTSelector) or remote (RemoteTSelector) T-selector specified with a length greater than 32 bytes.
- A length greater than 32 was entered for TSelLength of the T-selector (local or remote).
- Error in the length of the IP address of the respective connection partner.
- Partner endpoint IP address was set to
80B8The ID parameter in the local connection description (structure at the CONNECT parameter) and the ID parameter of the statement are different.TCON
80BBInvalid value at ActiveEstablished parameter.
80C3All connection resources are in use or ports may be in dynamic use by other applications or connections.TCON
80C3 - A block with this ID is already being processed in another priority group.
- Internal lack of resources.
80C4Temporary communication error:
- The connection cannot be established at the moment.
- The connection cannot be established because firewalls on the connection path are not enabled for the required ports.
- The interface is receiving new parameters.
- The configured connection is currently being removed by a „TDISCON” instruction.
80C5The connection partner refuses to establish the connection, cleared down the connection or actively ended it.TCON
80C5 - Connection terminated by the communication partner.
- LSAP of the remote connection partner not released
80C6The connection partner cannot be reached (network error).TCON
80C7Execution timed out.TCON
80C8#no response OF the server in the defined period.
80C8Value at the ID parameter is already being used by a connection that was created via the user program. The connection uses the same ID but different connection settings on the CONNECT parameter.TCON
80C9Connection partner validation failed. The connection partner who wants to establish a connection does not correspond to the partner defined in the structure at the CONNECT parameter.TCON
80C9The length of the receive area is smaller than the length of the sent data.TRCV
80CEThe IP address of the local interface is
80D0Related to TCP and the active connection endpoint: The remote_qdn parameter is an empty string. In this case no connection can be established.TCON
80D1The remote_qdn parameter is not a fully qualified domain name. Possibly the dot is missing at the end.TCON
80D2There is no DNS server address configured.TCON
80D3The fully qualified domain name could not be resolved. Possible causes:
- The DNS server cannot be reached, e.g. B. because it is down or the remote port is unreachable.
- An error occurred while communicating with the DNS server.
- The DNS server returned a valid DNS response, but the response did not contain an IPv4 address.
80E0Inappropriate or bad message was received.TCON
80E1Error during handshake. Possible causes:
- Canceled by user
- Security not high enough
- Renegotiation is not supported
- SSL/TLS version is not supported
- Hostname validation failed
80E2Unsupported / Invalid Certificate
- Possible cause: The time of the module concerned has not been set or the module is not synchronized.
80E3Certificate has been discarded.TCON
80E4No valid certificate authority was found.TCON
80E5Certificate expired.TCON
80E6Integrity error in transport layer security protocol.TCON
80E7Unsupported extension in X.509 V3 certificate.TCON
80E9TLS server without server certificate is not supported.TCON
80EADTLS (UDP) protocol is not supported.TCON
80EBA client cannot request a client certificate.TCON
80ECThe server cannot validate against the subjectAlternateName (Only clients can do that.)TCON
80EDTLSServerCertRef_m ID not validTCON
80EEHandshake not finished yetTSEND
8152The WSTRING, WCHAR, BOOL, ARRAY of STRING, ARRAY of WSTRING and ARRAY of WCHAR data types are not supported at the SRCBLK parameter.BLKMOV
8187the MB_HOLD_REG parameter has an Invalid Pointer. Data area is too small.
8352The WSTRING, WCHAR, BOOL, ARRAY of STRING, ARRAY of WSTRING and ARRAY of WCHAR data types are not supported at the DSTBLK parameter.BLKMOV
8380received Modbus frame has incorrect format OR too few bytes were received.
8381Function code is NOT supported.
8382the length OF the Modbus frame in the frame header does NOT match the number OF received bytes.
8383#error reading OR writing data OR access outside the address area
8384Invalid exception code received.
8385Diagnostics code NOT supported.
8386received function code does NOT match the one sent originally.
8387the protocol ID OF the Modbus TCP frame received BY the server is NOT „0”.
8388the Modbus server sent a different data length than was requested.
8389Invalid data area definition
80B6Invalid connection type, only TCP connections are supported.
80BBInvalid value at ActiveEstablished parameter
8188the MB_MODE parameter has an Invalid value.
8189Invalid addressing OF data at the MB_DATA_ADDR parameter.
818AInvalid data length at the MB_DATA_LEN parameter.
818Bthe MB_DATA_PTR parameter has an Invalid Pointer.
8200A different Modbus request is currently being processed via the PORT.
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