Simatic S7 SCL reference with examples

I do not attempt to list all TIA SCL features on this site. To the best of my knowledge, I summarize important and frequently used functions here, I have no time or opportunity for more.

I tried to describe the functions as if I were explaining to a friend how the function works. This may be a bit superficial, but it may be useful. The reference list is constantly expanding and changing.

If you find an error or omission in it, please let me know!

If you feel that this reference page is helpful, please donate it / me!

The site is under construction! 11.04.2022

Program control operations

Bit logic operations

positive / negative edge monitoring, R_TRIG (detect positive signal edge), F_TRIG (detect negative signal edge),

Move / memory operations

BLKMOV (move pointer block), MOVE_BLK (move array block),

Trigonometric / math functions

ABS (absolute value), COS/ACOS (cosine/arccosine), EXP (exponential), FRAC (fractal), LIMIT (set limit), LN (natural logarithm), MAX (get maximum), MIN (get minimum), SIN (sinus), SQR (square), SQRT (square root), TAN (tangent)

Timer operations

IEC timers, TON (Generate on-delay), TOF (Generate off-delay), TP (Generate pulse), TONR (Time accumulator)

Counter operations

CTU (count up), CTD (count down), CTUD (count up and down)

Conversion operations

ROUND (Round numerical value), CEIL (Generate next higher integer from floating-point number), FLOOR (Generate next lower integer from floating-point number), TRUNC (Truncate numerical value), SCALE_X (Scale), NORM_X (Normalize), SCALE (Scale),

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