OB121 is an automation page, named as the Simatic OB121 „programmer error” (op) function. Virtually it's an on-line (private) note ranging from classical automation (Simatic, RS485, Profibus, CAN) to modern solutions (Arduino, IoT, nRF24).

Unfortunately, most of the pages in this side are only available in hungarian, but I try to publish more and more parts in german or english. First of all, the description of the new projects or which are already ready will appear in these languages as well.

I'm sorry for not perfect german and english, but I'm writing the page alone. You can share your opinions and questions with me: sandor point vamos at web point de.

OB121 magyarul (hungarian)
OB121 deutsch (german)

I suggest you can use the google translate program in hungarian (or german) sites:

  1. To do this, start the program first: google.transtate.com
  2. Set the automatic language recognition: detect language
  3. In the language of the translation, enter the English
  4. Copy the page link to the left window
  5. Start the translation with the „Translate” button

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